Our Brand

Olive’s has started operations in Auckland, where the diverse ethnic range of the population is complemented by the wide variety of flavours offered on our menus. The menu of fresh pizza and Crusty Pizza was designed to cater to any palate. Our goal is to provide each customer with a unique view on how fast food can taste exceptional, and be exceptionally healthy.Olive’s aims to provide a quality dining experience, whether it is for a quick lunch break or a family dinner. Alongside the general favourites most customers expect from a pizzeria, such as Hawaiian and Pepperoni pizzas, Olive’s has developed an assorted range of delicious savoury and vegetarian pizzas which will appeal to the pickiest of eaters.

Drawing inspirations from dishes originating in the subcontinent, we have strived to produce a different take on the humble pizza. As a result, there is a range of over 40 delicious pizzas to select from, whether it is a saucy Chicken Tikka or our distinctively spicy Paneer Chilli.

The variety of Olive’s does not end there. In a world where healthy eating has become the social norm,These provide the perfect meal option for those looking for a quick snack on the go or as a full lunch or dinner choice.

Olives is a perfect option for those with specific dietary requirements, such as vegetarians. We take extra care in ensuring that all of our orders meet the requirements outlined by our customers. Having set up a successful branches, we can assist you in running your very own Olive’s franchise. What could be a greater career prospect than being your own boss? As a member of the Olive’s group, you will be provided with ongoing support to ensure that you grow along with us.