Franchise Support

When you have decided that you are ready to join the Olive’s family, you may want to know what to expect from Olive’s to assist with setting up your own franchise. All new franchises will go through the thorough launch process which will consist of: Site Selection In order to ensure you can attain the maximum return on your investment, it is essential to begin with the optimal location. You will work with the Olive’s group to select the ideal site for your new franchise, which will take into account your perference as well as potential marketability. Initial Site Layout Drawings Once your site selection is complete, we will assist you in modelling the ideal setup for your new franchise. This will include a basic kitchen setup structured according to existing Olive’s franchises, as well as a seating plan using existing available space. Operations Manual to Run the Store In order to succeed as a team, it is essential to work as a team. All franchises will operate according to an operations manual that will outline the daily running procedures expected from Olive’s sta. Manuals may be edited over time in accordance with changing procedures and council regulations, and will be provided to all franchise owners at the earliest possible opportunity. Sta Training With the franchise ready for operations, it is important to ensure all sta members meet your requirements, as well as those of the Olive’s group. Sta will be provided with thorough training covering, but not restricted to, food prepartion, general cleaning, daily operations and security measures. Ongoing training will be provided when new procedures are in place. Marketing Guidance Olive’s strives to provide a quality product, and will conduct market analysis to measure customer satisfaction and growth potential. This will be provided to franchise owners to outline prospective development opportunities. Authorised Supplier from Olive’s to Supply the Products As Olive’s is an unique brand, and to ensure the fresh taste of Olive’s products are recognised in all branches, all fresh ingredients and other essential products will be provided by authorised Olive’s suppliers.