In consideration of the disclosure to me of the Franchise agreement, disclosure document and all other information which could reasonably be regarded as being confidential, (Confidential Information), I give the following undertakings with the understanding and intent that they will be relied on by the Company.

I will keep confidential all information that is disclosed to me by OLIVE’S FRANCHISE GROUP Limited its directors, employees and franchisees including the existence and contents of a Franchise Agreement, Operations Manual, development manual, financial information and all other information provided to me which relates to the operation of a business under the Olive’s brand.

I will not, without the prior written consent of the Company;

  1. Directly or indirectly permit disclosure of any of the Confidential Information to any person, (except my legal and accountancy professional advisors),
  2. Use the Confidential Information in a way that is directly or indirectly in competition with the Company or assist any other person to use it in a way that is directly or indirectly in competition with the Company.

Should I not wish to proceed when required to execute the Franchise agreement I will immediately return to the company the Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document and certify that no reproduction of the documents will be made during this period.

I understand that any unauthorised disclosure by me of the Confidential Information may result in the Company suffering loss or damage and I acknowledge that I will be liable to the Company for any such loss or damage suffered by the Company as a result of such unauthorised disclosure.

In the event that I disclose any Confidential Information I will indemnify the Company for any damage, loss or expense claimed, incurred or suffered by the Company that results from the disclosure of confidential information.

I agree to promptly provide OLIVE’S with any personal or business information and documents that may reasonably be requested. By signing this, I consent to OLIVE’S obtaining from any credit reporting agency, financial institution or other party with whom I have had financial dealings, any information that may be required in relation to the franchise that I have applied for. I acknowledge that I have been advised to seek independent legal advice.

Prior to signing the Franchise Agreement, I acknowledge that OLIVE’S suggested I seek independent financial and market analyses, at my expense.

I understand this letter is not a commitment to enter into the Franchise Agreement. If, as a result of any credit checks or other investigations carried out or undertaken by OLIVE’S in their unfettered discretion form the view that I am not a suitable candidate to obtain a Olive’s Franchise, OLIVE’S will not be under any obligation to offer me a Franchise Agreement.

I further understand that my obligations to OLIVE’S in terms of this undertaking survive the termination of the recruitment process and continue indefinitely.

I further acknowledge that upon execution of the Franchise agreement I am satisfied that I have or will have sufficient funds required to construct, open and operate a Olive’s restaurant, including working capital.

My interest in the information to be provided by the Company is that of a prospective sub- franchise. As such I provide the following information on myself.

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